Enhancing End User Experience

By choosing Virtech as your Nexthink Service Manager, your Organisation can take advantage of a full-service provision of capabilities with ongoing consulting services, regular health checks of the Nexthink Platform with 24/7 customer support.
Proactive Monitoring
Understand Business service issues before your employees need to call the Service Desk.
Data Analysis
Identify areas of improvement for a better Digital Experience Score.
Network Usage
Identify areas of improvement and understand network usage and failures.
Platform Maintenance:
Continuous improvement and efficiency of the Nexthink platform.
Fully tailored training modules and support are available in line with Nexthink capabilities.
Ongoing Consulting Services
Regular health checks of the Nexthink Platform with 24/7 customer support.
Automatic Remediation
Fix issues in the environment remotely, reducing Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR) and incident numbers.

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Monitoring Like Never Before
Nexthink software allows 360 degree monitoring of all End-Users providing visibility of your Employee Experience like no other technology on the market.
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Ticket Reduction
With 360 degree End-User visibility, this means IT teams can now assess the problems bogging down your employees, using real-time analytics and address these issues from the root of the cause, ensuring they aren’t causing bottlenecks in the future.
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Employee Morale
The Nexthink Platform provides the user insight and visibility needed to ensure long term solutions that improve employee morale and reduce ticketing, allowing your staff and organisation to operate more effectively.
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Decrease Time Spent
What was once time wasted trying to alleviate bottlenecks and ticketing is now free time for your employees to repurpose; increasing the everyday efficiency of your organisation.

Stop guessing. Start Nexthinking.

Nexthink embeds itself seamlessly into your organisation allowing you to connect Nexthink into your monitoring and ITSM tools. 

Nexthink’s software utilises real-time workplace experience analytics and data visualisation to provide the visibility and insights into your workers actual experience. Nexthink reduces business costs via self-healing, qualitative feedback and root cause analysis; all contributing to a proactive and positive End User Experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The DEX score is a metric used to measure Digital Employee Experience. Through the use of Nexthink software, the DEX Score helps to identify the causes behind IT issues experienced by End-Users everyday to ensure long term remediation.

In an increasingly competitive market, cost optimisation is of the upmost importance. Implementing Evergreen technologies like Nexthink can prevent costly security breaches, reduce ticketing and improve End-User visibility, workflow and staff morale.

Using our partner Nexthink’s Proactive Monitoring Technology, we can monitor our customer’s IT infrastructure and End-User devices providing enterprise-wide real-time analytics. By integrating Nexthink End-User IT Analytics into our set of End-User computing services, we can identify and resolve problems, often before they impact service delivery, enhancing End-User Experience, decreasing time to task, ticketing and increasing visibility; ensuring our customers’ IT systems are secure, reliable, and available, around the clock.