Creating an Evergreen Landscape

Being Evergreen Ready is vital to keeping up with the constantly changing business landscape and is about effectively managing large numbers of applications that have interactions with operating systems and MS Office products. Virtech's Evergreen IT offerings specifically address the ongoing issues associated with continual upgrade cycles. We guide clients through their transition enabling them to become Evergreen Ready. Our unique five step process determines the business needs of your Organisation where our Evergreen Model:
Evaluates your IT environment
Analyses your build
Comprehensively tests your build
Provides a detailed report of recommended changes required to be “Evergreen Ready”
Assists with vendor management

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Lower Costs
By committing to creating an Evergreen environment you are decreasing your costs and global emissions through decreased software and hardware replacements, ensuring your organisation is always ready to combat growing industry and customer demands and tackle new software and technologies.
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Decreased End User Downtime/IT issues
Being Evergreen means your IT environment is always current and always up to date; an always up to date environment means you are avoiding the unnecessary repetition of avoidable IT issues, decreasing desktop downtime and time and the chances of security breaches.
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Employee Morale
Through adoption of software updates, user visibility and interaction increase, as does workflow, improving staff morale and connectedness.
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Staff Development
A commitment to an Evergreen landscape means not only an adaption of your operating systems but an adaption of your staff to these systems. Through Virtech led staff training initiatives, your staff are empowered to continually develop their abilities ensuring they too are always up to date with your systems.

The Evergreen Journey

We take organisations on a journey which builds on the relationships Virtech has developed with our customers over the past 20 years. Prior to Windows 10, Microsoft released new versions of Windows every few years. 

This traditional deployment schedule imposed a training burden on users as the feature revisions were often significant. That schedule also meant waiting long periods without new features. Virtech's Evergreen approach is a long-term solution to the implementation of Windows 10, creating an unburdened adaptable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most IT departments are managing a diverse IT landscape that can be partially on-premises and partially in the cloud. Amidst constantly evolving business requirements, IT Teams are tasked with reducing costs and the time required to deliver change to End-Users. Without going Evergreen, adaption to change for IT Teams is unachievable, costly and time consuming.

Microsoft’s sustained vision with the OS is to deliver “Windows-as-a-service” through smaller, more frequent updates that gradually evolve the OS over time, eliminating the need for a hard refresh.

Massive legacy IT infrastructure and business applications are not only costly to maintain, they are also inflexible and hold your organisation back from adapting to the constantly changing environment in which you operate. Organisations that fail to stay up to date and ever ready, aren't able to prioritise their resources toward customer experience, adding to a greater disadvantage against competitors.

Evergreen IT provides organisations with all the benefits that come with perpetual migration and stock management. Just as with agile, or lean software development, the roll out process is much shorter and more frequent than with the traditional process.