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Harvest Opportunities
Benefit from a pool of business opportunities to build a client base. We help you to drive more opportunities and extend your service offering.
Accelerator Training Certification & Bootcamps
Our proven business development processes outperform traditional practices and reduce order conversion time by up to 40%.
New Methods and Technologies
Our global support will equip you with new technologies, methodologies and resources to ensure you succeed as an independent consultant and in control of your own career path.
Resource support for won Contracts
We provide training and tools for every consulting niche area to help you build lasting relationships with your clients as well as fulfil your own personal development.

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Some Network Champions

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Neil Wylie: Project Management Consultant
"As an experienced technology Project Management consultant working heavily within both Government and the private sector, I have found the Virtech network to be an essential safeguard in helping me maintain a regular flow of business and provide me with new consulting opportunities."
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Carl Jackson: Health Tech Specialist
"Virtech provides you with real clients and a constant stream of leading-edge products and methodologies. This has really augmented my skill base and accelerated my business."
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Amanda Barnier: Digital Transformation & Change Consultant
"I can’t say enough about my relationship with Virtech. Digital transformation is at the heart of what they do. If you are an independent consultant this not just an information network, it builds and provides real opportunity. We see real business flowing, new products new technologies."

Leveraging the POWER behind a resilient consulting network

There are uncertain times out there and the key to income survival is leveraging from a resilient network. In this book we show you ways to become a highly successful Digital Transformation Consultant. 

Our FREE guide can show you how to leverage a resilient business network that gets results, even in a pandemic or recession. It will help you survive as a consultant with substantial levels of income by creating more client opportunities and high-level training from industry experts all over the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtech's Engagement Consultants are the backbone of our global consulting business. We provide our consultants with the training, certifications, and support they need to successfully bring Digital Transformation to new clients and existing ones alike.

Our final development phase for our new consultants is detailed delivery training and mentoring on our current product base and many of our future products. Currently this includes Digital Transformation turnaround programs, Robotic process automation, architect as a service, Digital Transformation, Staffing, Robotic Test Automation and many more.

Our highest-level membership where we provide our principal consultants with significant accounts to develop and fulfill. Our network has a continual flow of substantial contracts and assignments all over the world with some of the largest corporate organisations. We need your acumen, skill, account management experience.